Tygart Technology

IT Services: Customer Engagements

Tygart collaborates with our government partners to solve mission and IT challenges through delivery of innovative development, modernization and engineering solutions.  We apply subject matter expertise to rapidly develop an understanding of client specific business issues and apply industry best practices to ensure products and services exceed client cost, schedule, and performance specifications.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) FACE Services Unit Application Development

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division Biometric Services Section (BSS) Facial Analysis, Comparison, and Evaluation (FACE) Services Unit provides investigative support to the field by comparing facial images of subjects who are the focus of active investigations and assessments. Searches are performed against selected databases both internal and external to the FBI using face recognition (FR). The FACE Services work was previously a manually intensive process accomplished on multiple computer platforms. Tygart successfully developed and operationally deployed an automated workflow for the FACE Services Unit to support end-to-end processing of facial images from the field, conduct a face search against internal and eighteen external face databases, and provide the results back to the requesting agent. Tygart’s hybrid custom coded – COTS solution featured an agile development methodology, mobile application development, and expansion to process scars marks and tattoos (SMT). The system continues to evolve and scale to support and augment other image-based intelligence sources, as well as the eventual expansion to other agencies, and resulted in improved efficiency over the manual process by 75%.

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) Modernization and Engineering Support

Tygart has supported the PBGC since 2008 under multiple IDIQ and single award contracts providing Systems and Software Development and Engineering, Infrastructure Modernization, Security Engineering, and Management and Technical Consulting services. Tygart has provided Operations and Maintenance and Development, Modernization, and Enhancement support for over a dozen business applications including; Data Warehousing and Analytics, public facing web applications, appeals and FOIA request management, and shared business services. Tygart has modernized, standardized, consolidated, and secured PBGC Infrastructure including workstations (desktops, laptops, and tablets), Linux, Solaris, and Windows servers, network infrastructure (including wireless networking), iPhones, Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Storage, and Backup solutions. Tygart has also implemented and modernized technology management systems supporting patch and software distribution, removable media encryption, device encryption, network access control, security information and event management, data protection, configuration management, and identity, credential, and access management.

FBI Program/Project Management Support

Tygart provides complex enterprise technical and project management support to FBI IT Branch customers and development efforts, in addition to enhancing portfolio management capabilities and supporting the establishment of the Office of the Chief Information Office (OCIO) to include the FBI’s Technology Innovation Office. We apply industry standards and best practices in analyzing the performance of ongoing technical programs and projects; providing technical and programmatic business process; and system engineering support. Tygart assisted in the transformation of IT core services across the enterprise, with specific emphasis in Identity, Credential and Access Management; Network Consolidation and Management; cloud transitions; data science exploitation; and enablement of improved speed of delivering through innovation solutions and government/commercial collaborations.

FBI N-DEx IT Services

Tygart is executing a full range of IT services for the FBI’s National Data Exchange (N-DEx) Program Office to include program management services, data analysis, and development of interfaces and adapters for the exchange of authorized law enforcement information between federal, state and local agencies. Our program management support includes management of priority initiatives and strategic objectives, as well as system training, outreach, and Tier 3 support for the N-DEx system. Tygart’s team of developers work closely with external law enforcement agencies to analyze their data repositories and align with FBI exchange standards, developing custom adapters to enable data exchange. Our data analysis services include testing and quality control activities, but focuses on the development and application of tools and technologies to identify data anomalies and inconsistencies in operational databases to ensure the quality of shared data throughout the law enforcement community.