Tygart Technology

AI & Biometric Solutions: Customer Engagements

Tygart has been working side-by-side with mission leaders, intelligence analysts and investigators developing and operationally deploying technology, tools and solutions in support of counter-terrorism, criminal investigations, enhanced security and force protection missions of the US Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement, Security Organizations and Department of Defense.  These solutions are dramatically increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and capacity of our customers by automating previously manual tasks.  Examples of recent engagements are highlighted below.

US Department of Defense – Force Protection

Tygart is supporting a US DoD organization to provide commanders with enhanced situational awareness, exploitation, and analysis capabilities to support the identification of individuals using face recognition from live video surveillance, social media, and other publicly available web sources. The machine learning solution enables analysts/operators to more efficiently and effectively analyze video and photo collections to discover, document, and disseminate information about identities of national/warfighter interest. This capability also supports the real-time detection and identification of persons that may be a known threat before they enter a US Military facility. The capability is integrated with DoD’s authoritative biometric capability – DOD Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS).

US Defense Intelligence – Forensic Intelligence

Tygart supported an organization that is responsible for the collection, processing, exploitation, and dissemination of media (computer hard drives, CDs/DVDs, cell phones and SIM cards) collected by the U.S. Government. Documents and media acquired may contain identity data (ID) that directly or indirectly can help identify persons of interest to the Intelligence Community (IC) or law enforcement communities, including known or suspected terrorists (KST). DoD utilization of MXSERVER automated and streamlined the processing, analysis and distribution of large volumes of video and photo collections. Tygart achieved our goal of providing a system and data repository which enables the U.S. Defense and Intelligence Community to leverage videos and photographs to better understand our adversaries and their activities.

European Olympic Games

MXSERVER was deployed to enhance security at the 2015 European Games. Hosted in Baku, Azerbaijan, and sponsored by the European Olympic Committee, the multi-sport games brought together athletes and spectators from all over Europe, competing at multiple venues over a 17-day competition. With crowds of tens of thousands on hand, security and public safety were paramount. Tygart’s MXSERVER solution was deployed at the largest border entry point, the international airport and at various sporting venues to support national security and public safety. MXSERVER’s powerful cloud-based search engine incorporated face recognition technology to match attendee facial images to a repository of known subjects of interest, and alerted security if there was a positive identification that matched an individual on a watch list. In the event of a security breach, MXSERVER’s forensic analysis platform was on hand to accelerate post-incident investigations, identifying persons of interest in video and answering key investigative questions, such as “Where has this person been?”, “Who were they with?” and “When did they arrive at the location?”

Retail Security

FaceWatch, Allevate and Tygart provided an advanced private-public security service in the country of Brazil to aid retailers, bars and restaurants in fighting shoplifting and other criminal activities. The service includes continuous monitoring of video surveillance feeds to automatically detect and notify a subscriber when a person of interest has entered their establishment. Within the first two weeks of the pilot operation, the system generated alerts that led to the arrest of five known criminals. MXSERVER led to the detection and arrest of a “top ten most wanted” fugitive by the Brazilian Federal authorities in March of 2018.

Fusion Center

State Fusion Centers facilitate the collaboration of local, state, federal law enforcement, public safety agencies, and the private sector in order to protect citizens. The mission of the State Fusion Centers is to anticipate, identify, prevent, and monitor criminal activity and all other hazards. The Fusion Centers responsibly distribute that intelligence to its stakeholders while both protecting the rights of its citizens and guarding the rights and integrity of law enforcement and private industry. Our customer is utilizing MXSERVER to identify unknown suspects by comparing face samples extracted from video surveillance footage and photo evidence against a face searchable repository comprised of mug shots collected by a Regional Jail Authority.