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Innovating solutions for a safer tomorrow

Tygart Technology, Inc. provides a broad spectrum of information technology services and cloud-based artificial intelligence and biometric identification solutions to the U.S. Federal Government.  Tygart’s support of the U.S. Military, Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement and other security organizations is making the world a safer place through the lawful use of advanced identification and surveillance technology.

Artificial Intelligence and Biometric Solutions

Tygart is a pioneer in the field of combining cloud computing and machine learning (ML) methods to automate video/photo analysis and deliver enterprise-scale face recognition search systems.  Our flagship products, MXSERVERTM and Matchbox® rapidly analyze and search massive collections of videos/photos and monitor large arrays of video surveillance cameras to automatically detect and identify persons-of-interest.  A battle-hardened microservice-oriented processing platform sits at the core of Tygart’s AI solutions – facilitating the rapid integration of any type of computer vision algorithm.  This platform enables an organization to quickly adopt and operationalize AI technology at scale.

Information Technology Services

Tygart provides a broad spectrum of mission-oriented services supporting all aspects of the IT program life cycle including program management, systems development and engineering, infrastructure modernization and cybersecurity.

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