Tygart Technology

Information Technology Services

Tygart works side-by-side with our customers to develop solutions that meet their mission needs, create long-term value, and support their success. Tygart’s IT consultants provide a full-spectrum of services across all aspects of a program’s life cycle including, program management, systems development and engineering, infrastructure modernization and cybersecurity.

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Systems and Software Development and Engineering

Tygart delivers innovative software solutions through the Federal government encompassing new product development, modernization and enhancements, as well as operations and maintenance. We practice what we preach, applying the same project management, IT security, and engineering rigor into Tygart-built custom solutions as well as our customer legacy solutions. Focusing on agile-based development methods, we tailoring our development and deployment methodologies to conform with agencies practices, to including implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and DevOps. With a rich history in delivering biometric and facial recognition solutions, Tygart experience also spans Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, web-based and public facing applications, delivering custom, COTS, or hybrid systems.

Infrastructure Modernization

Tygart prides itself on enabling technology through infrastructure modernization and technology refreshes, designing and implementing cost efficient solutions for our customers while maximizing their investment. We take a “common-sense” approach to infrastructure upgrades, minimizing the impact on end users and while optimizing the operational environment. With successes in multiple server upgrades and consolidation (RedHat, Solaris, Windows) projects, End of Service Life (EoSL) enhancements and upgrades to include desktop software and platform upgrades, Tygart optimizes baselines and security configurations to enhance enterprise infrastructure postures.

Cyber Security Engineering

Tygart’s Security/Cyber Security services span the IT Security spectrum, from providing our clients Certification and Accreditation audits, to implementing IT solutions to support security policies, processes, and procedures. We take a practical approach to IT Security Management, working collaboratively with our clients to secure their infrastructures while providing a roadmap to sustaining aggressive and Federal-standard complaint security postures. We have engineered, implemented, or enhanced solutions such as IBM BigFix, Splunk, Segregation of Environments (SoE), Data Masking, and Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) – solutions that have directly, demonstrably supported compliance with Configuration Management and Audit and Accountability security controls. Tygart’s services and approaches have proven successful in third party products (3PP) application and patching, server hardening and modernization, and new standard and technology implementations – to remediate security vulnerabilities, improve overall security postures, and improve agency continuous monitoring capabilities

Management and Technical Consulting

Tygart delivers quality personnel targeted to specific client needs across a variety of areas of expertise and requirements. We put our client’s missions first, and deliver the right people to ensure project and mission success. Providing resources with subject matter expertise in areas such as: Portfolio Management; Identify and Access management; data science; and Amazon Web Services (AWS); Tygart consultants propel client projects to operational success. With a wide customer base across the Federal government, Tygart consultants share industry and agency best practices to enable success.