Tygart Technology


Tygart’s support of the U.S. Military, Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement and other security organizations is making the world a safer place by identifying the whereabouts of hardened criminals, terrorists and insurgents and uncovering information about our adversary’s movements, activities and associations.

Law Enforcement

Crime Prevention: The application of automated biometric recognition and emerging machine learning algorithms, such as automated vehicle and weapon detection capabilities, have great potential to aid Law Enforcement in conducting crime prevention activities.  MXSERVER and MatchBox have been successfully and lawfully deployed to continuously monitor live video surveillance feeds to detect and alert authorities when a fugitive or wanted criminal is present.

Crime Investigation: Investigators are faced with the daunting task of manually searching large, disparate mug shot database repositories to identify an individual of interest in photos and videos.  Using a face image as input, investigators use MXSERVER to search a central repository of face images to identify unknown suspects.  MXSERVER also empowers investigators to digitally process, store, manage, and search large media evidence collections to identify distinct suspect appearances and locations.

Intelligence, Defense and Homeland Security

Due to the rapid growth and dissemination of video and image capture and sharing capabilities, largely driven by smart phone and social media usage, the US military, Intelligence Communities (IC) and Homeland Security have an ever increasing need to monitor live video feeds and analyze large volumes of archived video and photo collections in order to discover and monitor nefarious activities and persons of interest.

Whether the requirement is to manage and distribute large video/photo collections via the Internet, analyze video surveillance, or screen and monitor video for “persons of interest” —analysts/operators can save time and discover new intelligence by automatically finding, extracting and matching faces from very large media collections.

MXSERVER and MatchBox are currently in use to support force protection operations, social media and publicly available information intelligence analysis, computer and cell phone forensic analysis, media exploitation (MEDEX) and biometric recognition.


MXSERVER and MatchBox’s capabilities monitor live video surveillance to detect and alert when people-of-interest (black lists and white lists) are present can be applied to support numerous commercial applications, including retail security and analytics, VIP customer care, advanced security for high-profile events, identity fraud detection and prevention, and campus and building security.

MXSERVER and MatchBox can be deployed to automate and streamline physical access security operations, to include automated biometric identity authentication and advanced access control measures.