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Tygart Technology Awarded Contract to Assist the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation in
Modernizing and Securing its IT Infrastructure

Fairmont, WV(September 21, 2016) – Tygart Technology, Inc., a leading provider of information technology (IT) and biometric recognition solutions, today announced it has been warded a contract by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) to provide IT Security Development, Modernization, and Enhancement (ITSDME) services. Under the contract, Tygart will support BGC’s Office of Information Technology, IT Infrastructure Operations Department(ITIOD) by providing multiple IT security tasks focused on the modernization and securing of IT infrastructure hardware and software, as well as establishing security-related processes. Tygart will provide PBGC with a structured, demonstrably secure computing environment that ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information as the basis of maintaining the credibility, trust, and confidence of PBGC’s regulatory authorities and the public. The contract has a value of over $15 million over five years.

Tygart has been providing IT engineering and security vulnerability remediation support to PBGC for the past six years. These activities have directly contributed to closing open PBGC audit
findings, downgrading material weaknesses, furthering PBGC operational capabilities, and providing professional guidance promoting the continuous improvement of PBGC’s security
program and posture. Tygart provides a full-range of IT infrastructure engineering, security program assessment and improvement, audit response, and organizational change management
associated with compliance of industry standards and federal guidance.

“This contract is the latest addition to our proud history of supporting PBGC in its mission to protect the retirement incomes of more than 40 million American workers,” said John F.
Waugaman, President, Tygart Technology. “We look forward to continuing our relationship with PBGC, incorporating innovative technologies and processes in the most economic and efficient
manner that improves and secures their system and mission performance.”

Tygart Releases New Version of Facial Recognition Technology, Provides Near Real-Time Analysis Capabilities

Fairmont, W.Va. (January 20, 2015) – Tygart Technology, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise grade video and photographic analysis and biometric recognition systems, today announced the release of their MXSERVER technology.  MXSERVER is a cloud-based face recognition system that processes vast amounts of video and photo collections, quickly transforming files extracted from captured computers, cell phones, SIM cards and video surveillance systems into searchable resources.  The latest version of the MXSERVER technology delivers upgrades to the solution’s functionality, user interface (UI) and security.

MXSERVER provides investigators and analysts with the capability to analyze video; manage and distribute large media collections via the Internet; and screen and monitor video surveillance to quickly identify “persons of interest.”  MXSERVER facial recognition automatically finds, extracts and matches faces from very large media collections, including those stored in disparate or disconnected systems.  It is designed to deliver fast and accurate results through automated forensic processing and analysis. MXSERVER is used by law enforcement to monitor large-scale events, process live surveillance feeds identifying potential threats and conduct investigative analysis following a terrorist attack or criminal act. “Government agencies tasked with the mission of public safety and national defense are confronted with shrinking budgets that limit the resources available for manual forensic video and photo analysis,” said John F. Waugaman, President of Tygart Technology.  “This timesaving video analytics technology enables agencies to search thousands of hours of video footage and millions of photographs housed in big data collections in just minutes.”

Tracking Bad Guys One Face At A Time At Fusion Intelligence Cemter

CHARLESTON, W.Va. October 11, 2014 – The Fusion Intelligence Center in Charleston is using similar facial recognition technology like the Feds do, to help local lawmen track down the bad guys.  It’s pretty simple really, using homegrown software from Tygart Technology in Fairmont, The Fusion Center has helped police identify plenty of criminal suspects.  Most recently it helped identify suspects in connection to the Dome Bar robbery in Kanawha City.  With just two clicks on the suspect’s eyes, using facial recognition technology, Facial Recognition Analyst Morgan Minor can access half a million potential matches from regional jail sites across West Virginia.  “Generally you need to see more than just the eyes,” Minor said. “The facial recognition provides suggestions as to who it might be, but then it’s really up to the person behind the computer, to go through and look for a distinguishing feature.”  Minor said the eyes can tell her a lot about a suspect.  “Measure mostly between the eyes, but it also creates a face print, using various landmarks on the face,” Minor said.  If the eyes do not reveal anything, Minor’s next go-to point is the ears.  “I’m a big ear person when it comes to facial recognition,” Minor said.  “There’s a lot of things you can change on your face, whether it be using make-up or just age, but your ears are typically something, that do not change.”  Just a few weeks ago, with Minor’s help, Charleston Police identified one of the men, 23-year-old James Johnson, from this clear security video freeze frame at the Dome Bar in Kanawha City, using facial recognition at The Fusion Center.  “The focal point would be the distance between the eyes,” Minor said.  Johnson and another man are accused of stealing several thousand dollars from the bar’s lottery machines, cash register and safe.  “I would say within two hours, we knew who we were looking for,” she said.  They matched Johnson’s image to a past mugshot from the South Central Regional Jail. Minor said she juggles about twenty cases at a time. Some are in-state, others are working with police departments and the some 72 Fusion Intelligence Centers nationwide.

Face Recognition Media Exploitation System for Law Enforcement now available on UK ‘CloudStore’ – G-Cloud iii

Allevate and Methods join forces to offer a solution that automates forensic bulk-processing of media for intelligence purposes on the Government Procurement Service CloudStore – G-Cloud iii Framework.  The solution is proven with US Federal Agencies to provide an “Order of Magnitude” efficiency gain and significantly enhanced identification of suspects.

LONDON, UK 13th May 2013: Allevate Limited and Methods today announced their collaboration to help improve UK society by making a face recognition and media processing solution to combat organised crime, terrorist activities and civil unrest available on the Government’s CloudStore – G-Cloud iii.

With the explosion in digital media due to the ubiquity of smart phones, other portable devices and CCTV, many law enforcement and intelligence agencies have amassed large collections of video and photographs from multiple sources such as confiscated hardware, on-line sources and surveillance cameras. However, there is no easy and cost-effective way to access the intelligence this media contains and respond rapidly when atrocities occur. Experienced and expensive human capital must be assigned the rote task of watching countless of hours of video in the hope of finding useful information. In response, Allevate is offering the MXSERVER solution from Tygart Technology to the EU market.

The G-Cloud catalogue or ‘CloudStore’ is open to all public sector clients and is designed to provide a simple streamlined process for buying ICT focused products and services as a commodity from the catalogue without having to invite tenders from suppliers.

Carl Gohringer, founder and Managing Director of Allevate, says “Methods is one of top firms in the UK working with healthcare, central government and local services. Allevate is proud to collaborate with such a reputable company to offer specialist innovative solutions to the UK Public Sector.” Peter Rowlins, Chief Executive of Methods, comments “We are pleased to announce Methods’ successful inclusion in the new GCloud iii Framework, awarded by Government Procurement Service on the 4th May 2013. G-Cloud is now in its third iteration, and the range of services available has expanded significantly.”

Rowlins continues “We are always at the forefront of innovative thinking and adoption of new technologies. Given Allevate’s experience with biometrics and understanding of the UK public safety market, we are pleased to be able to offer the unique MXSERVER proposition on the CloudStore. It is already proven to provide a significant return on investment to US Federal Defence, Intelligence and Law Enforcement organisations. We are looking forward to providing these same benefits to UK law enforcement.”

Video and Photo Forensics Software System Auto-indexes and Searches Big Data to Assist in Investigating Acts of Terrorism

Washington, DC – April 20, 2013 – For the past seven years, Tygart Technology, Inc. has been working with numerous Federal and State agencies to deploy technology that rapidly and efficiently analyzes Big Data (video surveillance and photo content) to help fight terrorism.  Tygart’s Media Exploitation System, called MXSERVER™, is currently being used to help these agencies investigate acts of terrorism and other crimes where large amounts of video and photo evidence has been collected.  Investigators batch load video surveillance and photograph evidence into the MXSERVER system, which automatically detects faces and indexes the content so it can be searched using facial recognition technology.  Once the video content has been processed, MXSERVER displays a timeline view of extracted faces that can be quickly scanned and reviewed to locate suspicious subjects.  This saves investigators immense amounts of time, avoiding the need to watch every second of each video.  When a person of interest is located, MXSERVER uses powerful facial recognition technology to search all indexed videos and photographs to find additional instances where the suspect was seen in videos or photographs. Investigators can then quickly piece together where potential suspects have been seen over time and at different locations.  To determine the identity of a suspect, MXSERVER can also search digital “watchlist” databases containing pictures of previously known persons-of-interest.

“MXSERVER accomplishes two goals related to post-event analysis,” said John Waugaman, President, Tygart Technology, Inc.  “One, the system reduces the manpower and coordination required to scour through the huge volume of video and photo content and two, MXSERVER provides results quickly, shortening the time between the crime and discovery of information that may lead to identifying the perpetrators.  MXSERVER is the only product on the market designed to handle massive amounts of evidence – and has a proven track record of satisfied customers.”

Later this year, the same technology will be in place to help prevent criminal and terrorist attacks from being carried out.  Coupled with a live video surveillance system, MXSERVER will constantly monitor video surveillance looking for persons that are on a watch list.

Tygart Technology Among Those Awarded “Prime” on DoD BOSS-R Contract 

October 19, 2009 – The Department of Defense has recently announced awardees for the BOSS-R, small business biometrics support contract. The BOSS-R acquisition establishes a suite of Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity (ID/IQ) contracts for biometrics support services that will enable Biometrics Task Force business and program units to accomplish their mission objectives. The contracts being awarded are designed to offer a broad range of services, solutions and task order types to fulfill the majority of component and departmental biometrics services needs. The Performance Work Statement (PWS) is comprised of three comprehensive functional service categories: Management Support Services; Independent Test, Validation, Verification, and Evaluation; and Technology Management. Specific requirements will be further identified and defined at the task order level. After considering findings from the Source Selection Evaluation Board and consulting with the Source Selection Advisory Council, the Source Selection Authority awarded Tygart Technology as one of the those contractors selected.  Tygart was the only small business selected as a Prime on this contract.  FBO Award Notice

 For more information, visit www.tygart.com or call 1-304-363-6855. (c) 2013. Tygart Technology, Inc.