Tygart Technology, MXSERVER

Program Management

Tygart supports large Federal agencies and manages the full range of management activities necessary to keep complex, multidisciplinary, multiple billion dollar projects on schedule and within budget. We assist clients by comparing their management practices to industry recognized maturity models, develop and manage project environments, develop capable project managers, and identify and mitigate project risks. Tygart’s Program Management support is based on industry recognized program management methodologies, tools, practices, and processes that address program planning, execution, management, and closure. We have the expertise to address the successful management of a portfolio of projects or individual projects. Tygart focuses on exceeding client business objectives through implementation of industry best practices and innovative delivery techniques, and has proven performance delivering quality services on Performance Based Contracting Vehicles.  Tygart delivers: 

  • Proven project management and technical expertise
    • Preferred service provider for large biometric and law enforcement programs and initiatives
  • Prime Performance Based Contracting experience
    • “Meeting or Exceeding” client performance objectives for quality, schedule, cost, and technical performance
  • Superior contract and project management controls
    • Management of quality, schedule, cost, and technical performance across the entire lifecycle of a program evidenced in client performance reports

Tygart’s Program Management Services include system engineering and programmatic support, as well as policy and process development services spanning a variety of IT management functions.  As an unbiased provider of Program Management Office (PMO) services, we play an essential role assuring that our client’s project objectives are aligned with their organizational goals, and that project execution leads to successful results.  Tygart enhances program management functions through development and implementation of management policies and procedures; independent analysis of strategic program alternatives; analysis of financial performance indicators; and monitoring of other key project metrics to better understand project status.  Tygart personnel have deep experience in all aspects of Program Management commencing with pre-solicitation activities, establishment of PMO’s and their processes and procedures, and project control and reporting functions during program execution. Tygart also provides a variety of technical analyses, trade studies, and alternative analyses for federal and state agencies to help modernize or enhance critical systems, as well as general administrative and management analyst support for day-to-day mission execution.