Tygart Technology, MXSERVER


Tygart is a leader in biometric innovation. We provide complete lifecycle management of high visibility and mission critical programs by supplying highly skilled technical and management personnel dedicated to delivering the necessary biometric support services to achieve mission objectives. Tygart is supporting multiple biometric programs for the Law Enforcement Community including one of the largest biometric data centers in the world supporting law enforcement officers and agencies throughout the world and is designing and developing innovative biometric systems to solve challenging problems within the Intelligence Community.

Tygart has researched, reviewed, and evaluated a considerable body of materials and technologies related to the topic of biometric fusion. Our study identified benefits that are achievable through the implementation of advanced biometric fusion techniques within multi-modal biometric identification systems. We reviewed over forty (40) of the most relevant research papers and industry reports on the topic. Our research provides a description of three fusion architectures that can be implemented and identifies those fusion techniques/algorithms that are most prevalent in biometric communities.

From this research, Tygart has developed innovative biometric solutions that automate the management, discovery, extraction, and analysis of information contained in digital media. This capability, called Digital Media Intelligence, enables our customers to gain a better understanding of their operational environments and the subjects and tactics they may encounter. Tygart has developed a leading edge biometric solution to produce a digital media intelligence and biometric identification system, called MatchBox. MatchBox utilizes biometrics to exploit intelligence contained in digital media (photos, audio, and video) to identify, locate, track, and link individuals of interest and their activities. MatchBox can also determine the identity of an individual using face, voice and fingerprint recognition.

Tygart also developed a complementary application to MatchBox, called Media Exploitation Server (MXSERVER). Digital media can be more efficiently utilized by applying innovative technologies which automatically analyze and index video to create organized and searchable digital media repositories. MXSERVER divides a digital video file into short segments and processes the segments in parallel, extracting, grouping, and indexing the faces of individuals depicted in the video. MXSERVER can process hours of digital video in just minutes – automatically extracting all instances of people. Analysts and operators can leverage and exploit digital media in a timelier and less manpower intensive manner. With MXSERVER, a 60-to-1 performance improvement was achieved utilizing a small grid computing platform.