Video and Photo Gallery Management, Indexing and Search

The Objective: Enterprise-scale web-content providers housing large video and photograph collections need to automatically index/tag content contained in their repositories – ensuring it can be retrieved via advanced search capabilities such as facial recognition.
MXSERVER Social Media Facial Identification Indexing

MXSERVER Social Media Facial Identification Indexing


The Problem: Social media sites, video-based web sites and professional image galleries are collecting, storing, indexing and digitally publishing/distributing incredibly large repositories of videos and images. The contents of these repositories are typically indexed and searched using text-based mechanisms – requiring an organization (or end-users) to manually annotate each image/video using keywords or short descriptions of the content. This is a labor intensive process that more often than not is ignored or foregone, thus rendering the content unsearchable and useless.

The Solution: MXSERVER is an enterprise-scale solution that automatically detects and extracts faces from videos and photographs, indexing the content so it can be later searched using a photo of a person. MXSERVER’s web-based user interface enables organizations to make content available worldwide. Videos can be quickly previewed by viewing scrollable grids of thumbnail images. These views include a “faces-view” – a chronologically ordered grid of faces extracted from video and a “frames view”, displaying a snapshot of a video frame every ten seconds.

MXSERVER’s architecture is flexible, allowing additional image indexing technologies, such as object detection, to be added. MXSERVER can be purchased as a turn-key media management solution or added as an indexing and search service to a pre-existing digital video/image management system.

Benefits/Value Proposition:

  • MXSERVER auto tags individuals depicted in videos and photographs with their names, saving end-users the time consuming process of doing this manually.
  • MXSERVER saves countless man-hours required to index occurrences of people appearing in video and photos.
  • MXSERVER’s automated facial search capability enables users to search millions of photographs and videos in seconds-to-minutes.
  • MXSERVER’s video thumbnail views enable a user to scan the contents of a video in minutes rather than hours.

End User Profiles: Social media site, video content providers, video and photo archivists, and professional photography and modeling agencies.