Computer and Cell Phone Forensic Analysis

The Objective: Confiscated or captured computers, cell phones and storage devices contain information of intelligence and investigative importance. The quicker this information can be extracted and reviewed, the better the chances the collecting organization will have of taking action and understanding the network of associated individuals.
MXSERVER Computer cell phone forensic analysis

MXSERVER Computer & Cell Phone Forensic Analysis


The Problem: Today’s computers and cell phones can contain hundreds of hours of video and tens of thousands of photographs. Analysts are manually reviewing this type of content, spending weeks and even months viewing this content. This manual process is manpower intensive, tedious and expensive.

The Solution: Video and photo content can be batch loaded into MXSERVER for automated forensic processing and analysis. MXSERVER automatically detects faces in videos and photographs, converting this content into a searchable repository. MXSERVER is built upon a cloud computing platform and can be scaled to meet the processing demands of large and small intelligence agencies and computer forensics laboratories.

Benefits/Value Proposition: Investigators and analysts no longer need to watch videos and view photographs to find and extract images of persons of interest. Using MXSERVER, analysts can quickly preview the content containing faces. MXSERVER’s powerful facial search capability enables analysts to find other instances where a person of interest appears within the indexed content.

ROI – MXSERVER reduces the amount of manpower required to analyze the contents of computers and cell phones. MXSERVER can process video and photo collections in hours that otherwise would take forensic examiners days to manually review.

MXSERVER’s face search and link diagramming capability enable investigators and analysts to connect-the-dots related to criminal, gang and/or terrorist networks.

End User Profiles: Law enforcement Investigators, Intelligence Analysts, and Forensic Examiners