Tygart Technology, MXSERVER

Solution Applications

MXSERVER’s automated facial detection and search capabilities can be applied to support several types of uses, to include:

Crime Scene Post Event Analysis
MXSERVER rapidly processes video and photographs collected from surveillance systems, cell phones and digital cameras to more quickly find and identify the perpetrators.  Read more

Computer and Cell Phone Forensic Analysis
MXSERVER automatically indexes the image and video contents of captured computers and cell phones enabling investigators and examiners to quickly find evidence that may link individuals to criminal or terrorist activities.  Read more

Video Surveillance Monitoring and Analysis
MXSERVER automatically detects persons of interest in live video feeds. Read more

Video and Photo Gallery Management, Indexing and Search 
MXSERVER enables large scale video and photograph collections to be searched with faces.  Read more

MXSERVER Social Media Face Recognition.

MXSERVER Video and Forensic Analysis System