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Customer Profiles

Government Intelligence Analysts

Due to the rapid growth in development and fielding of digital video and still image collection systems, the US military, Intelligence Communities (IC) and other protective services have an ever increasing need to monitor live video feeds and analyze large volumes of archived video and photo collections to discover activities and persons of interest.

Whether the requirement is to manage and distribute large media collections via the internet, analyze video surveillance, or screen and monitor video for “persons of interest” —analysts/operators can save time and discover new intelligence by automatically finding, extracting and matching faces from very large media collections.

Utilizing Web 2.0 based technologies to facilitate and support collaboration between geographically and organizationally separated analysts and operators is a powerful, “game changing” approach to better understanding our adversaries and their rapidly changing Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs). MXSERVER™ is currently being used to support computer and cell phone forensic analysis, media exploitation (MEDEX) and biometric recognition.

Federal, State, Local and Tribal Law Enforcement

Currently law enforcement investigators are manually searching multiple mug shots stored in disparate and disconnected databases in order to identify an individual of interest in photos and videos. MXSERVER provides analyst the capability to search a central repository with a facial probe.

Law Enforcement Agencies can digitally process, store, manage, and utilize large digital media evidence collections via secure web-based application allowing agencies to share information with individuals and agencies with the need to know. Information can be shared amongst analyst in the same office, same building or across jurisdictional boundaries. The limit to information sharing is decided by the agency.

Public and Private Security Sector

Security detectives can quickly analyze hours of video surveillance footage when investigating an event to identify individuals of interest and their associates.

Security personnel can automatically monitor video surveillance cameras for individuals of interest. When the system detects an individual on a watchlist may be present, both visible alerts and email notifications are immediately generated. The event is also saved in the system for later review.