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An Intelligence Community member is a federal government agency, service, bureau, or other organization within the executive branch that plays a role in the business of national intelligence. The Intelligence Community comprises many such organizations.

Tygart is supporting various Intelligence Community organizations for the development and customization of a multi-biometric software system. MatchBox has been identified as a biometric solution in the areas of counterterrorism, counter surveillance, counter IED operations, human terrain analysis, maritime interdiction, and facility security.

Tygart is performing requirements analyses, technology reviews and evaluations, and developing concepts of operations regarding the strategic use of biometrics and other sensor analytics to deliver perimeter security threat detection capabilities for government facilities. The MatchBox system is extending our customers analytic capabilities, transforming digital media collections into more useful intelligence resources. Analysts and operators can leverage and exploit digital media in a timelier and less manpower intensive manner.
Intelligence Community, Tygart
Tygart has evaluated and tested third party biometric COTS solution compliance with government and industry standards, including successfully engineering and implementing standards to facilitate system and technology interoperability. This experience includes implementing an Electronic Fingerprint Transmission Specification standard (ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000) compliant fingerprint file import function and BIOAPI middleware.