Tygart Technology, MXSERVER


Department of Defense (DoD)
U.S. Army Biometric Task Force (BTF)
Biometrics Operations and Support Services-Restricted (BOSS-R)

Tygart is a Prime contractor on this indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract that provides biometric support services that enable BTF business and program units to accomplish their mission objectives. The contract is designed to offer a broad range of services, solutions, and contract types to fulfill the majority of component and departmental biometric services needs.  This contract is restricted to small business prime contractors.

Tygart provides the full range of biometric services, technical and management expertise, and solutions-related enabling products in one or more of the functional categories to meet the mission needs of the BTF.  With the pace of change, it is impossible to anticipate how biometric requirements and individual programs will evolve over the life of the contract.  It is intended that the BOSS-R contract remains current and continues to provide the full range of biometric capabilities/solutions and emerging technologies throughout its life.  This is a 5 year contract and includes 25 labor categories with multiple expertise levels. Tygart provides solutions for the following functional categories:

  • Management Support Services
  • Independent Test, Validation, Verification, and Evaluation
  • Technology Management.

The Department of Defense (DoD) recognizes the important role that biometrics play in prosecuting the global war on terrorism, protecting our troops, and securing national security interests. The Biometrics Task Force leads Department of Defense activities to program, integrate, and synchronize biometric technologies and capabilities and to operate and maintain DoD’s authoritative biometric database to support the National Security Strategy. The BTF, acting as the DoD proponent for biometrics, leads in the development and implementation of biometric technologies for Combatant Commands (COCOMS), Services and Agencies, delivering capabilities in order to contribute to the enhancement of the biometric community, increasing Joint Service interoperability, and empowerment of the war fighter by improving operational effectiveness on the battlefield.